Trim Healthy Mama–Chocolate for Breakfast? Yes, please!

Chocolate For Breakfast THM E Meal

After working our way through the 16 Day Grace Parenting Series, I’m ready for a lighter topic.

Get it? A lighter topic. LOL.

So, let’s talk about THM for a bit. I’ll post my favorite recipes, how I manage THM with 8 children in a travel trailer living on the road full-time on deputation, and how I make THM dinners that everyone can eat and enjoy.

One thing I love about the Trim Healthy Mama plan (THM for short) is the fact that I can eat chocolate for breakfast.


Yes, I just said chocolate. This isn’t the sugar laden chocolate breakfast you’re thinking of, though. 

These chocolate banana muffins and chocolate almond milk are amazingly yummy! As a mama to eight kiddos, I know how challenging it can be to serve a new healthy meal that everyone in the family loves!


But that’s exactly what happened when I made this for breakfast!

Hubby loved it.

Eight children scarfed it down and asked for more.

And anytime I get to eat chocolate for breakfast, I’m a happy camper. 🙂


So if you’re a THM (that’s Trim Healthy Mama) fan, this breakfast is an “E” meal (that stands for energizing, but I just call it a carb meal). All of you carbs are coming from awesome healthy ingredients like banana and oats. Not a smidgen of white flour to be found. 🙂 The muffins were moist and full of flavor!

You can find the recipe for the Chocolate Banana Muffins on page 283 of the new cookbook, Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I wish I could just share it here, but you know–copyright laws and all. If you haven’t bought the recipe book yet, it’s worth the investment. When I started THM over 2 years ago, there wasn’t this awesome fancy shmancy full-color cookbook! (We made do with the recipes in the original book and Pinterest. lol)

Anyway, if you’re like me and always on the hunt for healthy meals the whole family can enjoy together, try this one! My 18 year old down to my 1 year old ate these and liked them! And I love child-approved healthy options for breakfast!

can share the recipe for the chocolate milk, since I didn’t use a specific recipe. My husband said this was better than “real” chocolate milk, for what that’s worth. 🙂 It’s super easy to throw together and gulped down just as fast!


Add the following to a blender (I use my Ninja) and blend until smooth and frothy. We topped ours with a tiny squirt of whipped cream. Don’t skip the ice–it makes it extra cold but not too icy!

  • One cup almond milk
  • 2 Truvia or 1 teaspoon Super Sweet Blend
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 generous teaspoon unsweetened cocoa (I used Hersheys)
  • 1 to 2 ice cubes
  • Optional: 1/4 serving protein powder (I don’t like this to taste like a shake, so I only use a little of this if I’m really hungry.)

Let me know if you try these muffins and milk, and what your children think! 🙂

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