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I recently set my old blog to private. I know many of my readers here followed me from the Bergey Bunch, so I wanted to offer a bit of explanation.

I blogged pretty openly over there about some of the adoption challenges we faced, and while my goal was always to help other families by sharing my heart, as my girls have gotten older, I’ve been reconsidering their need for privacy. I have always sought my older children’s permission to post things pertaining to them, and they all read my posts before and after I post them.

At the same time, Johanna in particular has overcome incredible odds, and I feel like it’s time to let her past stay in the past. I want to give her a fresh slate from which to grow.  My relationship with my older girls is precious to me and I want to be as honest–yet protecting–as I can. I will still be blogging about older child adoption, and Johanna and I both would love to be an encouragement to other struggling families. You can always reach me via email or Facebook.

We spent the day at the Grand Canyon today, and after I got over my fear that one of my children was going to fall into the abyss we had a BLAST. 🙂 (Ever since a life-altering car accident on the top of a bridge when I was 9, I don’t do heights well.)

Talk to you all soon.



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