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Welcome to Perspectives in Parenting–A place to discuss grace parenting, adoption, large family living, special needs parenting, and more!

I’m Selina, and I do most of the writing around here. I guess you’d describe me as a babywearing, homeschooling, large family loving, grace parenting mama to eight children. My husband of almost 18 years is also my greatest hero, and together with our family, we’re headed to South Africa to start an orphan ministry.


I love femininity and modesty, and I strive to teach that to my four beautiful daughters. Pink is my favorite color, music is my favorite hobby, and I’m in love with all things shabby chic. I prefer my chocolate dark and my coffee light, and my journey with Trim Healthy Mama has been a blessing in that area. Having four sons and four daughters means we have an equal amount of drama and energy around our home at all times. 🙂

When Brent and I got married, we never dreamed how God’s hand would shape our marriage and ministry. Our journey through infertility, adoption, special needs parenting, secondary infertility, cross-country relocation, virtual triplets, full time traveling, and missions work has been anything but boring! I’m so thankful we serve a God who delights in stretching, molding, and using His unworthy vessels. Aren’t you?

Currently, our family of ten lives in a 37 ft travel trailer while traveling full time and sharing our burden for South Africa’s ORPHANS to churches.

We are projecting to complete this fund-raising stage of our ministry this year and making the exciting move to Africa at that point! You can find Perspectives in Parenting on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, or email me any questions or concerns. My Youtube channel can be found hereAnd you can click on the subscribe button to get each new post delivered straight to your inbox!

This blog was born out of my love for encouraging and mentoring younger mothers, and writing about various parenting topics. To get you started, I’ve listed a few of my favorite posts here:

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