Let’s Talk Modesty (For Teen Girls by a Teen Girl)

lets talk modesty

Sometimes as a Christian teen young lady, it’s hard to know what we should wear. I’ve found that it’s hard to find both modest and feminine apparel….. Apparel that doesn’t make you look like you’re 30 :), but is also appropriate and at the same time still look modern.

Teens struggle with peer pressure and trying to be like the people we’re around. And that’s normal, but we have to know how to handle it. Even I struggle with it. My mom will sometimes catch me and say to me, “Ellie, you don’t have to be like this person or this person. Just be you!”

It’s funny because little kids even struggle with peer pressure. Have you ever seen one of your younger siblings get something for their birthday? When they open it up and get all excited, the younger one sees it and says, “Mommy, mommy! That’s exactly  what I want for my birthday!” Why? It’s because they want to be like the sibling who just got something, that in their eyes, looked really cool! Even if they had never even seen the toy before, they saw what the other one had, and wanted it.  That’s how it is with us too! We see someone else who has something that may not be the best for us, and the more we’re around them, the more we want what they have. It’s so important to find contentment in the way we look, the body God gave us, and the things we possess.  

In this society today, people are ALWAYS watching you. Watching to see if we look different from them, and how. One of the things the world watches for, is modesty and how we act. Yes, sometimes we will get stared at! Since we have a big family, everywhere we go we get stared at! Lol! And I have to admit, sometimes I will get frustrated because I feel that we can’t go anywhere without being the center of attention. People are always  watching us. But that’s why we have to be a good example to those around us, so that unsaved people will be able to tell that we’re different from the world.

What you think is appropriate for you or your family, is your opinion. You should talk with your parents and ask God before you make those decisions. But I believe that whatever you wear it should cover your body and bring attention to your face. Certain clothes bring attention to your body and not your face, and that is not, by definition, modest. 

I’d like to talk about a little about what I’ve found helpful in finding clothes or outfits for teen girls.

  • Thrift stores and consignment stores are a great place to find clothes that aren’t too expensive, and usually you can find cute clothing there.


This shirt pictured above is actually a little sleeveless shirt I got at a huge Consignment Store in North Carolina. It was only $4!  I paired it with a cream shirt that I also got at the consignment store and a black and white skirt that my mom found for $12 at Ross.

  • If you have an outlet mall near you, Loft, Ann Taylor, Talbots, are great stores to find maxi skirts, cute shirts, etc. And what if your thinking, “I’m not in adult sizes.” Well all of these stores which I have listed will usually have petite sizes. But these stores can also be expensive at times. So go when they have a sale running.
  • Target is also a great place for maxi skirts for any sizes. They also have cute modest shirts (or undershirts) there too! I found the entire outfit below at Target.



My older sister Johanna (18) (who was adopted from China), struggles a lot with finding clothes that fit her and help her look her age. She’s very short and because of that she can’t shop at the same stores as me sometimes. So I’ll probably ask her to tell you in a different post some of the stores she enjoys, and what styles she likes.

Girls, let’s try to be modest in both our dress AND our attitudes! This honors our parents and God. It doesn’t have to be miserable, either–it can be quite fun coming up with different outfits.

I’d love to chat with other teen girls about their struggles with modesty or peer pressure in the comments below! 🙂

By Ellie Rose, 13 years old

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Modesty (For Teen Girls by a Teen Girl)

  1. Thanks, Ellie, I really enjoyed your post. Very good thoughts and it is a blessing to see young girls allowing the Lord to lead in their lives.

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