I remember


I remember being a first-time mama.

I was young, but very determined to do everything right.

I read (just about every parenting book ever written). I studied. I prayed.

And I sought advice from all the experienced mamas I knew.  (Most of them had forgotten the early years and offered heartfelt, yet abstract, advice.)

I still remember the first time I held my tiny daughter in my arms. I looked at that precious face and I thought to myself–


I mean, this wasn’t an elaborate cross stitch project, that I could rip the stitches out of, or, if I really messed up, simply begin again.

No. This was a {LIFE}. A long awaited blessing. A tiny daughter with a blank slate at my fingertips.

I plunged ahead, and like many of you, I made some mistakes.

God blessed us with many more children over the years, and I learned and grew and made changes.

Now I’m smack dab in the middle of my parenting “career”. I have a child who just turned 18 but I’m still nursing my youngest treasure.

And I’m still learning and growing and changing.

This blog isn’t a place for perfectionists or judgmental attitudes.

Cause you won’t find {PERFECTION} here.

What you will find is a mama who has fallen over and over again, and been picked up by a loving Jesus. You will find a mama who desires to take that unbelievable forgiveness and to lavish it on all of her children.

I’m writing now, lest I become one of the “older mamas” who has forgotten the nuts and bolts of parenting. You see, my heart overflows with a longing to mentor young mamas.

Maybe that’s {YOU}. 

Maybe you’re struggling with a houseful of little ones.

Maybe you’ve just brought your adopted child HOME and you feel so overwhelmed by the weight of your child’s needs that you have to make an actual effort to breathe in and breathe out.

Or maybe you’re holding that first precious newborn in your arms, and you’re thinking–



Stick around. My prayer is that you’ll find a {taste of grace} here.

You see, I’ve been there.

And I remember.


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