Gentle Grace Parenting Principles: 16 C’s for 2016-Day 4: COMMUNICATION



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We’ve all faced breakdowns in communication in our home before, and I’m sure we would all agree that good communication is a key to success in most situations. Today, we’re not going to talk about parent/child communication (although it’s necessary!); instead, we’re going to focus on parental communication.

Do you and your spouse communicate regularly about your children? I’m not talking about those these-kids-are-driving-me-nuts-come-home-NOW texts back and forth, either. 🙂

Date nights keep the spark in the marriage, but frequent communication about our parenting keeps us prepared for the day-to-day situations our families face. Discussing each child, their current struggles and strengths, and evaluating each day both what seemed to work…or what went horribly wrong :)….sets us up for future successes!

Our family of 10 currently lives in 359 sq ft, and while Brent and I are together daily, because of the small quarters we have to purpose “talking times”. One of our favorite ways to do this is to turn on a movie for the children, and take a long walk outside. We are close by in case we are needed, but we can talk uninterrupted. We will work our way through each child, planning for character issues, or asking advice of each other. We toss around different techniques that might help a specific child, and evaluate where we are as a family. Because we’ve made some very significant changes in our lifestyle the past 5 years (with three adoptions followed by full-time ministry), we know how essential good communication is in keeping our family strong. You probably don’t have to go outside to talk privately with your spouse :), but regardless of your schedule or lifestyle, make time to communicate about your children.

Gentle Grace Parenting Principles Series

I have been surprised over the years at how many couples do not communicate about their children on a consistent basis. The majority of the children’s care, training, and discipline are left to the mother, with daddy being that go-to-you-room-and-wait-for-the-big-bad-daddy-to-get-home guy or simply the playful parent. They’re not striving together in their parenting goals.

I firmly believe that if we want to shower our homes with God’s grace and raise up a godly generation, we must have effective communication about our children on a consistent basis.

Today’s Challenge: When was the last time you and your spouse discussed your children’s needs in depth? Take time to sit down today and have a long talk about your children. Dream of their future, and plan for their successes. Evaluate ways to change as needed.

If you find yourself at a loss as to what specific things to communicate about, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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