Gentle Grace Parenting Principles: 16 “C’s” for 2016, Day 15-CAPTIVATE



Several years ago, Brent attended a motivational conference for business in which Zig Ziglar was the main speaker. I’ll never forget how Brent came home and described the session that first day.

He said the audience was absolutely captivated by Zig Ziglar and hung on his every word.

Have you ever thought about what your Christianity speaks to your children?  Are you captivating your children with your values, your morals, your Jesus-likeness? 

I’m going to be honest. There are parents who are turning their children off to the gospel and the Christian life–not because they’re hypocrites (although that’s obviously a turn-off, too)–but because they’ve made Christianity utterly boring.

It’s become a drudgery. Sunday morning. Go to church (again, sigh). Sing songs (with absolutely no emotion). Listen to preaching (or daydream about lunch). Complain about how long the service was. Fake kindness to the pastor and his wife (but complain about them the whole way home). Mark church off your to-do-list for today. 

And a ridiculous list of do’s and don’ts. We’re constantly telling our kids we can’t go there because we’re Christians. We can’t eat that because we’re Christians. We can’t wear that because we’re Christians. We can’t do that because we’re Christians.

Think about it. If your attitude is a reflection of Christianity, why in the world would your children want what you have? 

The Christian life is one of immense ups and downs, of trials and triumphs, of saying yes and seeing God move, of knowing the intimacy of a relationship with our Creator, of having a best friend and a Holy God all somehow wrapped up in one, of learning to trust when the world says you can’t, of finding delight in the most un-delightful places-simply because HE is there. 

Sure, there’s a long list of things I choose not to do because I believe they offend my Jesus, but that is not, and never was intended to be, my Christian walk.

It’s about relationship. And that amazing grace that we’ve been focusing on this entire series.

Is our Christianity so captivating to our children that they want it for themselves?

Gentle Grace Parenting Principles Series

Do we enjoy obeying God? Is being around other Christians awesome and fun? Does our Bible reading make us excited and motivated? Is our language, our attitude, and our action captivating our children with the joy in our life?

Today’s Challenge: Have you lost your joy and your children know it? Are they  captivated by your relationship with Jesus? (or have you brought boredom into the scene?) Join me today in making sure not only our hearts are right before the Lord, but also that our attitude is captivating to our children!

Tomorrow, we’ll conclude this 16 day series with a practical post on bringing Creativity into our homes. We’ll talk about how playful parenting diffuses stress and brings connection to our family. Don’t miss it!


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