Gentle Grace Parenting Principles: 16 C’s for 2016–Day 1: CLARITY


Check Your Clarity Viewing your children as BLESSINGS

The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is put on my glasses. Why? Because I’m near-sighted, and without my glasses, my world is cloudy and unclear, and I would be stumbling my way through the day. I once thought a giant spider in my shower was a blob of hair because I wasn’t wearing my glasses! Thankfully, I leaned in for a closer look and then exited the shower quite…abruptly. ūüôā

When we’re seeking to parent our children with the same grace God has bountifully bestowed upon our lives, it helps to view our children through His eyes.¬†To put on His glasses and open our eyes to the clarity of His viewpoint.

He says children are a blessing. 

They’re not a burden or a curse, an inconvenience, a trophy to make us look good, a distraction from “true” ministry, or a waste of our precious time.

They are a blessing. Even the unplanned ones. Especially the challenging ones.


The Bible says this, “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward.” (Psalm 127:3) The word¬†reward reminds me of¬†a¬†planned treasure given out of a heart of love for the recipient.¬†Our children are our treasures, intimately planned and perfectly given to us by God Himself.

Gentle Grace Parenting Principles Series

I will never forget our early days of marriage when we were¬†begging¬†God for children and all the experts were saying it would never happen without extreme intervention. Infertility has a way of changing your view of pregnancy and children.¬†Longing for something you can’t have makes you appreciate it so much more.¬†That first time we saw two lines on a pregnancy test felt like a better reward than winning the lottery jackpot!

So, while we’re going to get good and practical during this series, if I skip over this point, I would be neglecting an essential truth we¬†need¬†in order dazzle our children with the love of Jesus:¬†Connection with our children begins by viewing them through the clarity of His viewpoint.

Today’s Challenge: Put on your imaginary glasses today, and purposefully view your children as blessings, rewards, and treasures. It’s easier to embrace grace when our viewpoint is right from the beginning.

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