Gentle Grace Parenting


Gentle Grace Parenting Principles Series

Gentle Grace Parenting Principles: 16 “C’s” for 2016

Start the year with a more CONNECTED family!

Introduction to this 16 day series

Day 1: Clarity–View your children the way GOD does.

Day 2: Credentials–Embrace the ministry of motherhood!

Day 3: Courage–Let go of fear-based parenting.

Day 4: Communication–Schedule regular “talk-times” with your spouse regarding your children.

Day 5: Conviction–Establish family convictions based on God’s Word.

Day 6: Connection–Treat your children as individuals (not robots!).

Day 7: Composure–Be calm and gentle in your mannerisms and speech towards your children.

Day 8: Consistency–Get up. Follow through. Every time.

Day 9: Cooperation–Be your child’s COACH (not a General).

Day 10: Correction–Utilize these four steps to correct your child!

Day 11: Cuddles–The power of TOUCH in our parenting.

Day 12: Consequences–Seven practical consequences AND how to use them!

Day 13: Compromise–How does a compromise fit into grace parenting?

Day 14: Confession–Should we confess to our children?

Day 15: Captivate–HOW do we engage our children with the gospel?

Day 16: Creativity–Make your home a FUN place to be and how playful parenting brings connection!


Once upon a time, God entrusted YOU with a child (or two, or three, or in my case, eight). The magnitude of the responsibility of raising this child falls squarely on the parents’ shoulders.

Sigh. It’s a huge responsibility, isn’t it?

For Christian parents, the standard for everything we do should be based on Biblical principles. In my desire to be the very best mama I can be, I’ve often asked the question, “How would JESUS parent this child?” I’ve searched the Bible and sought answers to that question.

There are many different viewpoints when it comes to the discipline and training of children. My goal in this blog is not to convince you that my way is the only way, or even the best way. I’m not the standard nor am I an expert on anything except the parenting of my own children. 🙂 But I AM a seasoned mama, and I long to encourage you to parent your children with gentleness and grace. Rather than preaching at you (and discouraging you!) about all the things you’re doing wrong–I desire to inspire you with practical tips. I’ll share with you the good days AND the bad ones, too. 

My prayer is that every time you leave this blog, you will be encouraged to teach, train, appreciate, and love on your blessings a little more.

Creative child-training techniques WORK and you can have great joy in proactively training your children in so many ways.

It IS possible to teach your little ones to think of otherseat their dinner, address adults respectfully, stay within their boundaries, sit nicely in restaurants, build good sibling relationships, and so much more! I’ll share what works for us, and I’m hoping YOU will share what works for you! Together, we will shape and mold these precious little ones in our care—and show them Jesus each step of the way.