Ellie’s Journal: Weekly Highlights

Ellie thought it would be fun to keep a journal of some of our adventures. I love seeing life through her eyes! This was written two weeks ago, but I’ve been having some technical issues with the blog so it’s just getting posted now. –Selina

Tuesday my dad and I went to the library while he worked I did my school. The building I normally do school is occupied for a couple of weeks. Algebra is getting pretty hard I will say, so it’s nice to go somewhere where it’s quiet. I got my school done early and we came home around lunch time.

That afternoon Mom and I went to a nearby Laundromat to do the five loads of laundry! We have a lot of laundry! Ten people times four days’ worth of clothes means 40 outfits! We started the laundry and went back home to start dinner.

IMG_2367 We’ve been parked at a church in Tucson, AZ, for the past few weeks. The only downside to that is the fact that there is no grass for the little kids to play on. This hasn’t stopped the boys from playing football, skinned knees and elbows and all. 🙂IMG_2369




That night after dinner we all went to this HUGE neighborhood that my dad found and sipped on hot chocolate while we looked at gorgeous Christmas lights! It was this neighborhood blocked off from the rest of the street. And to live there you were required to decorate your house really beautifully. I loved all the Christmas light decorations, but my favorite was this house who had music playing with the rhythm of lights. The song was Amazing Grace and they had some sort of timer on it that was set as the same rhythm of the song. They had flashing lights coming on and off at the rhythm of the song. It was really beautiful, although I was kind of surprised to only see two nativities in the whole neighborhood. But that night was a blast!

Wednesday my dad took me to the library until lunch time and we stopped at Little Caesars to get some pizza! Wednesday afternoon was spent packing for Thursday (because we had a meeting in Nevada) and getting ready for church.  We ate dinner really fast and then left for church. WelI, I say left, when it’s just across the parking lot. That’s one nice thing about parking at a church!  The younger kids got to go to Awanas, which they really enjoyed! It’s always nice when they have activities for the younger kids. We walked back from church and got ready for bed and the older kids got to read for a bit in bed.

Our meeting for Sunday was in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was about a 7 ½ hour drive from Tucson. We left the trailer in Tucson and stayed in a hotel for the weekend. We got to explore Vegas a little bit, too.







My baby brother Titus has learned how to smile when you say “Titus, smile!” and his little cheesy grin is so cute!


Our meeting Sunday was really fun because that evening they had a family fun night! They sang funny and family Christmas songs like Jingle Bells, and they did a skit with three boys who represented Alvin and the Chipmunks! Then they had cookies and hot chocolate after the service, and it was really fun, and it was nice to relax a little too. 🙂

Monday we left our hotel and since we were only about 30 min from the Hoover Dam, we decided to go see it! I think it’s like one of the 7 engineering wonders of the world! I’ve watched the documentary on how they built it, but to see it in real life was pretty cool! It looks a lot bigger when you’re actually standing on it looking down!










Just since October we’ve already been to The Alamo, Pensacola Beach, San Diego (where I tried surfing for the first time!), The Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and many other beautiful canyons and wonderful places. You get to see a lot of cool and awesome things on deputation!

Ellie (13 years old–but only for a few more weeks!)

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