Christmas, Toddlers, and Pictures….OH MY!

While working behind the scenes on a new series for the blog, I came across this group of photos, from when Ethan, Gabbey, and Lyssie were all toddlers. I just can’t get over the cuteness, ya’ll.

During our family Christmas photo shoot that year, we posed the three toddlers alone for some shots.

The out-takes tell a story all their own…..;)

“Girls, why don’t you give your brother a kiss on the cheek??”

Lyssie and Gabbey lean forward to kiss Ethan.

He promptly spits in Lyssie’s face. (Oh, yes he did! LOL)

Look closely at the expressions on their faces below:

Gabbey backs up from the spitter, hoping she’s not about to get spit on.

Lyssie begins to pout and cry.

Ethan finds his actions utterly hysterical.

Daddy and Mommy correct the spitter and the pouter and the girls try again to give their brother a kiss.

Now Ethan’s not so sure about the kissing.

“Okay, guys, how about you just SMILE instead?”

And there you have it! 🙂


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