5 Awesome Audio Drama Recommendations for Families! (Perfect for Christmas!)

5 Awesome Audio Drama Recommendations for Families!

Our family travels full-time, fund-raising for our move to South Africa next year, so we spend an unusual amount of time in our van sometimes. (Read about our crazy Travel and Throw Up adventures of last week here. We are all healthy now and feeling “normal” never felt so incredible!)

Frequently I get asked, “How do you keep all eight children happy in the van for long periods of time?” 

One of the ways we pass long hours in our van is through AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT! I have an entire CD case filled with audio dramas (and even more on our Amazon account or instant download!). These educational, exciting, and Biblically based dramas make fabulous car entertainment and they’re great for individual quiet time activities at home, too! For little ones who have outgrown naptime, try playing one of these dramas for an hour of rest time in the afternoon (both for little ones AND mama!).

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s a perfect time to add to (or begin!) a family audio library collection!

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(Here’s my bunch last year EARLY on Christmas morning!)

Without further ado, here are the Bergey Bunch’s Top 5 Audio Drama Recommendations:

Lamplighter Theatre Dramatic Audio

Lamplighter’s motto is “Building Character…One Story at a Time” and we absolutely agree that their stories are character building! We own every single story they’ve produced and I can tell you that they are worth every penny. These are not fluffy, silly, Veggie-tale-like stories—they are deep, emotionally engaging, faith building stories the whole family will enjoy! I know they’re on the pricey end of stories, so if you are new to Lamplighter and trying to choose a story for the first time, I would suggest starting with Teddy’s Button.  For character building adventures with Biblical lessons woven throughout, choose Lamplighter Theatre!

Jonathan Park Creation Adventures


Especially good for boys (although my girls love them, too!), these creation based adventures are full of family fun, science and history facts, and Biblical truths to help your child learn to defend their faith! Join the Brennan and Park families as they explore God’s world and go on family adventures! While it’s best to start with Volume 1, these adventures can stand alone as well, so you could build your collection with whatever volume goes along with what you’re studying in school! They’re available on instant download, too, which can be handy and a little cheaper as well. For family adventure with a creation worldview, choose Jonathan Park!

The Brinkman Adventures

The Brinkman Adventures are newer to the audio drama scene, but they’ve made quite an impact on my children already! Take a humorous, wacky, large homeschooling family (you’ll fall in love with little Charlie!) and combine them with TRUE missionary stories and you have The Brinkman Adventures! I think you’ll be captivated in the first few minutes by the Brinkmans. Most of the episodes are easily understood by all ages. For large family adventure with a focus on missionary stories, choose The Brinkman Adventures!

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

These are dramatized audio books that are just.plain.fabulous. We have Anne of Green Gables, Ben Hur, and The Hiding Place, with hopes of getting a few more titles for Christmas! The Hiding Place inspired and challenged the faith of all of our children, even the six year olds. Ben Hur provided action and adventure that captivated our children for HOURS. These CD’s would be perfect for Christmas stockings. 🙂 Don’t overlook the treasure that is Focus on the Family Radio Theatre!

Patch the Pirate 

These Biblical stories contain character-building music that entertain and educate the younger children quite well! (My older children prefer the longer audio dramas mentioned above.) I grew up listening to Patch the Pirate and my children are fascinated by the fact that I still have all of the songs (even Camp Food!) memorized. These stories will get God’s Word and godly music into your children’s hearts (and they’ll keep it forever!). If you’re new to Patch the Pirate, try one of our favorites: The Misterslippi River Race, Coldheartica, or The Lone Stranger. 🙂 Especially for the under 10 crowd, consider ordering a Patch the Pirate CD! 

There’s the Bergey Family’s 5 Awesome Audio Drama Recommendations for FAMILIES! I hope they’re as much of a blessing to your family as they have been to ours.

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