13 Things About Ellie

Just for fun, here’s 13 things you about me that you might not know!

13 Things about Ellie

1) I am a Christian teenager, (born February 13, 2002) missionary on deputation going to South Africa to start an orphan ministry with my parents.

2) My absolute favorite animal in the world is a Golden Retriever dog! I want to get a puppy in SA, which I am having a hard time waiting for! Why couldn’t I have one in a 37-foot travel trailer? There’s already 10 people, why couldn’t we add a puppy? Lol!

3) I love reading about World War II and historical fiction. One of my favorite books is “A Father’s Promise”.

4) I enjoy knitting and cross stitching on long days in the car. (We do drive a lot!)

5) I have the best home church (and best friends) and I really enjoy getting to see all my friends when we’re in town! We have the best time playing Phase 10 altogether! 🙂

6) I have naturally curly brownish, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I can be quiet or talkative, depending on the situation. When I am around people that I am comfortable with, I would say that I am a talker! I am a girly kind of girl, but not like crazy girly. (You know what I mean.) Lol! I like jewelry, makeup, and I enjoy picking out new clothes! (What girl doesn’t?) 🙂

7) I have a dream of starting an animal shelter and training puppies to be therapy and assistant dogs for special need kids in Africa.

8) I want to get married! And I want to have 14 kids and work in my parent’s orphanage someday. Just following my mom’s example–she wanted 12! She’s got four more to go! But we’ll see how that goes! Lol!

9) I’m not sure if I want to go to college yet, but if I do, I want to go to Pensacola Christian College or Ambassador Baptist College. (I’ve gotten to visit both of them last year.)

10) I LOVE typing, writing stories, and writing posts on my mom’s blog!

11) I’ve been to the following places in 13 years: Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Belize, South Africa, Honduras, U.S Virgin Islands, and from California to Virginia (with lots of states in between).

12) I love games, but my favorite game is Rook, and I enjoy playing Monopoly Junior with my younger siblings!

13) I have 7 brothers and sisters (3 girls and 4 boys) and the cutest baby brother in the whole world, and I am trying to convince my parents to have more kids! (You know, we are going to work in a children’s ministry?!) Lol!


So, some of these things you might have already known about me, and some of them you didn’t know! But if you know me at all, you’ll probably know that I really do LOVE dogs and my baby brother Titus!

I hope that helped you get to know me and my personality better, and to realize that since I’m a missionary, I’m still real! LOL! 🙂

By: ~Eliana Rose~

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One thought on “13 Things About Ellie

  1. If I could smuggle in a Golden to you I would. Love the 13 things, I knew them all I think, except your favorite book.
    I wish so badly you could have come over to meet the dogs when you were here…. 🙁
    Tell your mom that if you get close to NE, I want to take the big girls shopping. 😉
    I prayed for you before I knew you, and loved you even then.

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